Fishing During The Hot Summer In Marco Island

fishing-reelsSummer is a great time to enjoy outdoor activities especially involving the beaches. However, when doing outdoor activities during summer time, make sure that you are prepared for the hot weather.

If you are visiting Marco Island and other beach areas in Southwest Florida and want to go sign in to IQ Option fishing, make sure that you go prepared for the hot weather. This is because weather in this region is relatively hotter with high humidity and hot water temperatures.

From dawn, the weather starts great with the cool overnight temperature still lingering until the morning hours. This is the perfect time to go jogging, walking, and other outdoor exercise routines. However, by mid-morning, temperature increases rapidly from hot to super-hot. Most people in Marco Island during this time already go indoors to find comfort from air-conditioning units from their homes and various establishments.

You are lucky if you are within a short distance from an air-conditioned indoor area. However, the situation might be more difficult if you choose to go outdoors during these times of the day. During the night, water temperatures have already absorbed the heat and it extends during the day from tolerably hot to extremely hot. Mid to late-morning swim is definitely not a recommended thing. If you go fishing, you are still not safe from this very hot weather especially if you are using a small boat with no shade or canopy. Even with a shade on the boat, the hot temperature can still affect your body temperature and make you feel uncomfortable.

According to one owner of a charter fishing business in Marco Island, he experienced this kind of problem one time when he took a family vacationing on the island for fishing.

The family, which includes a mother, a father, 2 teenage daughters and a younger son, has already been to Marco Island before and already knows that the weather can be really hot in the island during summer time. However, it is their first time to go fishing.

At first, the kids enjoyed the trip and also enjoyed the fishing activities since they left the marina quite early so they were still able to enjoy the cold breeze. However, by mid-morning, the temperature already became really hot, causing discomfort to the kids. Add to that are the clothes of the kids, which were obviously only meant to protect them from sun rays but not from the extremely hot temperature.

When going fishing under the hot weather, make sure to wear comfortable and appropriate clothes with lots of vents to stimulate proper air circulation inside. Make sure that the material can also wick up moisture and can dry quickly. Put enough sunscreen and as much as possible, use boats with proper covering.

Fort Myers: Top 5 Best Rental Market In US

riasing-houseAccording to a recent review of real estate investments, it is reported that Fort Myers’ rental market is ranked 5th in the US when it comes to best real estate investment opportunities. Four other cities in Florida were also included in the Top 10.

Local Market Monitor, Inc. conducted by the research. It is considered as a reliable and recognized organization that provides analyses and national rankings involving market performances and real estate activities focusing on rental properties and investments. Local Market Monitor conducts the analysis quarterly, which is then reviewed by the HomeVestors of America.

Titled “Best Markets to Invest in Rental Property”, the 4th quarter analysis also included other major cities in Florida as part of the top 10 places to invest in rental properties. The four cities include Daytona Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and Tampa.

Based on the research, the trend shows that real estate investments are getting good on the areas with warmer climates, particularly in the Southern area of the state.

Ingo Winzer, founder and president of Local Market Monitor, Inc. said that rental property investments in the state of Florida is one of the most interesting and good-looking in the country today. This is because prices of homes are not yet getting good and with the growing population, a lot of consumers would prefer rental properties.

According to HomeVestor’s co-president, David Hicks, this is a good opportunity for people to invest on rental properties, particularly on portfolios of single-family rental homes. So far, this is the best market performance of the rental market in Fort Myers in 30 years. With the good rental market performances, activities within franchisees and lender also increased with more lenders willing to finance development of rental properties providing developers more opportunities to buy, develop, rehabilitate, and better manage cash flow on rental properties.

Hicks advise investors and franchisees to take advantage of the growing market situation in Florida especially in the major cities mentioned in the analysis since a lot of experts project a good market performance and more rental property investment opportunities in the next years. Fort Myers’ rental market is indeed facing a brighter future.

The Marco Island real estate market is on the rise as well. Marco Island has been becoming an increasingly popular destination for retirees and others.